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Something Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers fans need now more than ever.
The Breakers, the worlds premier Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers tribute band. Established to let the fans of the late great Tom Petty continue to enjoy the live experience of TP & the HB's. No other Tom Petty tribute band comes close to capturing the SOUND and emotions of Tom's songs quite like the Breakers.
Unlike the vast amount of Tom Petty tributes who substitute visual mimicry for sound, the Breakers encompass the true unmistakable sound and execution of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

                       What audiences are saying...

There isn't really any need to see any of the locals try this. Best Tribute!                                                                                                      -John E.

      Amazing cover band. The best I have ever seen!! They sounded just like Tom Petty and, unlike most cover bands, they didn't try to over do the experience. They just straight out rocked it!!
                                                                                                      -Kevin M.

           I've been a huge TOM PETTY fan, and was so shocked on how great your band sounded.
                                  The lead singer was phenomenal, and the musicians were dead on!
                                                                                                           -Laura G.

        Beyond impressed. Lead singer could be Tom Petty reincarnated. Sounded just like him.
                                    Musicians and their sound system were incredible as well.
                                                                          Would definitely recommend this band!
                                                                                                             -Sue O.

  These guys rock!! Authentic TP. Great music!!
                                                                     -John P.

                                          Awesome show! Such talented musicians and the voice range
                                                                      felt like we were in the room with Petty himself!
                                                                                                              -Robin M.

  This band is awesome!! Seriously the best Tom Petty I’ve heard since Tom Petty.
                                                       Guaranteed to get you out of your seat.
                                                                                      -Lori M.

                       Close your eyes and it’s Petty! Made me realize how much I miss Tom
                                                                                                         -Sharon S.

If you're a Tom Petty fan, you'll think you're at one of his old concerts!
                               Tremendous sound and musicianship. Still got a smile on my face!
                                                                                               -Mike C.

                                Amazing musicians. Close your eyes and you'd think the legend is alive.
                                                                                                              - Ed A.

                            Just saw this phenomenal band in Tarrytown, New York.
               Every musician in the band is a pro. Great sounding vocals, and spot on with every song!
                                       If you like the music of Tom Petty this is the premier band to see!
                                                                                                      - Art N.

                     Sounded amazingly similar to Petty!! high energy!! fantastic show!!
                                                                                           -Chris L.

         Saw them in Taunton and they were amazing. Sounded just like Tom Petty.
                                         So much fun listening and dancing. Can’t wait to see them again.
                                                                                                        -Robin S.

For the real Petty fans! They don't insult you like the cheap TP tributes with wigs top hats and the worst offence...adding Stevie Nicks into the band! They just play and sound like the Heartbreakers you know the band Stevie Nicks wasn't a member of! ONLY Petty tribute worth seeing anywhere.
                                                       -Alex S.
There's Something Happening...
Something Rock N' Roll...

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